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Happy Clock Day!

2014-08-15 23:57:28 by Cosmic

Clock Day is coming to a clooose... and it's been a good one! I voice acted a very insecure orange in an animation that's pretty great. Go check it out!




Edit: Daily 4th! Woot woot!

May start doing voice work.

2014-07-29 22:46:23 by Cosmic

I don't have a plethora of different voices, but I'm sure my voice can be of use. Hopefully expect a.. demo reel.. soon.


Other than that, I have no big news. Working with a team for the Power of Four as a writer, and though progress is going pretty well, I'm not sure if I should spoil the surprise.



Holy shit, a newspost

2014-02-05 21:09:15 by Cosmic

How's it going?

Life good?

Damn fucking right it better be, make the world your bitch.




Looking for work.

2013-08-05 23:49:33 by Cosmic

I'm looking for writing work. (NG only)

Hit me a PM!

MOTORJOOOOUUUUST got second in the game jam contest, and I had fun working with TestObject, Mattster, ForNoReason, WingDemon, and Frootza! (In no order, you guys are all awesome.)

Art Portal Scout!

2013-07-15 21:31:26 by Cosmic

I've been scouted into the art portal by CrazyRock! YUS!

On a side note I'm looking for writing work. Hit me a PM!


2013-07-05 18:59:02 by Cosmic

Coming to a computer near you yesterday!

As in click this link!

Do it. Just do it and play the game.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy it like you are going to die in your sleep on May 18th, 2045 at 5:37 AM.

I mean its not like that's gonna happen to you or anything..

Audio, Game Jam, etc..

2013-06-12 22:19:21 by Cosmic

So I've been scouted for the audio portal. Thanks, ForNoReason! I've been pretty lazy and that little loop is all I have to show. I'll get back to work soon. Maybe one day a good song beat will come to my head during the day and not in the middle of the night....

So the next game jam is among us.


CosmicRainbow- Writer/Ideas
Mattster- Programmer
WingDeamon- Programmer
Frootza- Music/Sound
Test-Object- Artist
ForNoReason- Voice Actor

This is the final (I mean it this time) list of members.


2013-04-15 18:04:56 by Cosmic

How are you? Having a good day, I hope.

I..euugh..... I was the most immature loser who didn't know sarcasm.

First Post wins

2012-11-13 20:49:50 by Cosmic

Prize is secret.